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Your dental wellness under one roof

We are a multi-specialty dental practice

At South Shore Dental Prosthetics, we understand that everyone’s smile is unique. So we take the time to get to know you and create a personalized dental wellness plan just for you.

We can straighten your teeth, whiten them, repair damage, replace them with dental implants, relieve TMJ symptoms with Botox Injections, and more. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure you get the best possible smile.

A smile communicates happiness, love, and even success. It can make you seem more attractive and approachable. It can make you seem more trustworthy and competent. And it can make you seem more likable and confident.

So next time you’re feeling down, or need a boost of confidence, don’t forget to give yourself a big smile. It is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Meet the team

Things we do for your lifetime
of healthy smiles

Your smile. We’ll make it shareable.

Are you ready for the superior technology to make your teeth smooth and clean? We offer the most technologically advanced and most comfortable dental cleaning.


The artificial tooth roots that bond with your natural bone. We’ll make your new tooth with a crown look and feel similar to your real teeth. Some would say better than real teeth.

Embrace the future with a beam of light as we gently perfect your pearly whites, crafting a radiant, confident smile with the latest dental innovation.

Crowded teeth? A gap in the front? Or just too much space? “Yes” on any of these questions? Call us.

Simply White Teeth. We’ll restore your teeth’s youthful ability to absorb oxygen.

Can you relax in the dentist’s chair? Of course, you can.

Our root canal treatment means the end of pain.

Persistent pain or tenderness in your jaw? You can’t open or close your jaw completely? TMJ disorders affect over 10 million Americans and these conditions appear to be more common in women than in men. Our treatment is personalized to each patient and starts with understanding daily variations in your symptoms.

The word periodontal means “around the tooth.” And what goes around comes around. Let us turn the surrounding bone into a fortress.

Eating, speaking, smiling. People take those for granted. We understand how you feel and we will restore your smile.

A dental crown for when you’re feeling regal!
One or more missing teeth? Let us bridge the gap!

See what real people said about us.

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People say about us

Dr. Katarina Pavlicic and her staff are the epitomai of skill and professionalism. During this time of COVID-19, South Shore Dental Prosthetics has implemented every conceivable safety measure right down to spraying my hands with alcohol prior to treatment.

To date, I have referred both my husband and best friend to South Shore Dental Prosthetics based on my incredibly positive experiences. My husband and friend are very satisfied too.

Wendy F

I’m a self-proclaimed dental phobic, I have been treated by Dr. Pavlicic 3 times and she is just amazing, kind, gentle, Her staff is equally amazing. I walk in the door and have no ANXIETY what so ever, Confident that my procedure will be 100% pain-free. Her work is OUTSTANDING.

Kris D

Well, the experience was horrible since I am not the best patient, but the kindness and patience that Renee, Lindsey, and Dr. P showed was amazing. They are a great team of caring women and that totally made the experience amazing.

Dr. P called me in the evening to check on me and her caring just about brought me to tears. She knew I kind of melted down in the middle of the extraction and checking on me was so sweet 🙂

Kim T